Requirements of Membership:

  1. Applicant must hold the followings:
    • A valid Travel Agent Licence issued by Hong Kong Travel Agents Registry;
    • A valid Membership Certificate issued by Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong; and
    • A valid IATA accredited Certificate.
  2. Application must be submitted with the following documents:
    • A completed and Signed Application Form;
    • A copy of Certificate of Incorporation;
    • A copy of the latest Business Registration Certificate;
    • A copy of a valid IATA accredited Certificate; and
    • A crossed cheque payable to “Society of IATA Passenger Agents Limited” for payment of Annual Subscription fee as described in below item(3).
  3. Fee:
    • Entrance Fee: HK$500 (for new applicant only) WAIVED*
      Annual Subscription Fee: HK$1,500
    • Membership runs on annual basis from 1 July each year to 30 June next year;
    • Applicant who joins SIPA during the course of a year, shall pay to the Annual Subscription fee on pro-rata basis (e.g. if application is made in December then the Annual Subscription fee will be HK$1500÷12×7=HK$875);
    • Member who resigns from membership is not eligible for a refund of fees paid for the current year.
  4. Change on company’s information:
    • Please notify us within one month after any change on company name/address/ownership/ representative/contact details with the related documents.