SIPA 32nd Annual General Meeting

6 January 2023

SIPA’s 32nd Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) was successfully held at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui on 6 January 2023. With most of the Government’s Anti-Pandemic and Social Distancing measures been released, we finally could take a group mask-off photo and we would like to thank you for members support by attending the AGM and fulfilled their rights and obligations to vote at the meeting. Since the Social Distancing measures were just released and for the benefit of all attendees, the luncheon set-up was to maintain a cozy but safe environment for attendees to enjoy and share the moment. We look forward to our life and business getting back to normal very soon like other countries around the world, we wish to meet all members in our next AGM and luncheon.”

SIPA Joint Luncheon

21 June 2022

As the Travel Industry Authority will be fully operated on 1 September 2022, new regulatory system and definitions were about to take place, SIPA has jointly arranged with FHCTA, OTOA and TTOA a luncheon held at ClubONE The Victoria, Tsimshatsui East with the guest speaker, Mr. Kevin Cheung, Director of Regulatory Affairs of TIA joining us to explain further the definition of “Authorized Representative” and other regulatory related matters. We believed the luncheon enabled members to better understanding the new system and could better prepare in advance for the new era.

2022 Fam Tour – Frontier Closed Area

3 June 2022

Benefiting by the opening of the Frontier Closed Area, SIPA was honored to arrange the first Fam Tour among all 8 associations for SIPA members a few hours after Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced its opening in the ceremony. The opening of Sha Tau Kok Pier kicked off the reopening of the Frontier Closed Area since the 1950’s with Mrs. Lam saying it marked the first step of the Northern Metropolis Development. Only the pier was opened to public in the first stage and this pilot project would last for six months noticed by the Security Bureau. We look forward to more opportunities for local tours when pending for the border re-opened with mild quarantine or isolation regulation in place.

SIPA Joint Luncheon

25 November 2021

SIPA has jointly arranged a luncheon with HACTO and OTOA at One Cuisine, Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon East for ideas/opinions exchange among tourism industry and for friendly association. We were honored to have Hon Yiu Si-Wing, BBS to join us and around 120 industrial practitioners had participated in the luncheon. Attendees were gathered and join the AGM of TICHK after the luncheon.


24 June 2021

SIPA’s 31st Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) was successfully held at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui. We would like to thank you for members support by attending the AGM during the tight Social Distancing regulations period. To comply with the anti-pandemic restrictions, unlike before, the luncheon was arranged in separated rooms with a maximum of 20 participants in each room. We hope the pandemic will be soon over and would have our next AGM and luncheon together again. See you next year.


19 May 2020

The 30th Annual General Meeting was held safely and successfully at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui on May 19, 2020 in compliance with the Social Distancing rules for COVID-19 on company meetings. We thank you for members support and see you next year.

SIPA Appreciation Lunch and Symposium 2019

31 October 2019

We invited Mr. Joe WONG, JP from Tourism Commission for giving a speech to us that encourages the trade members and he promises to face and overcome the difficulties with us. At last, we hope travel industry can get out of the woods soon.

SIPA Fam Tour – Tokyo

18-22 September 2019

The five days fam tour has completed in a joyful ambiance. The trade partners had lots of interaction and shared travel knowledge with each other. All of the members had much fun during the trip.

Ticketing Seminar: Concerns about IATA EasyPay, PCI DSS and Qantas Channel

12 August 2019

The speakers addressed the concern about IATA EasyPay, PCI DSS and Qantas Channel. The members shared their opinions with SIPA. We will keep following up with the issue!

SIPA AGM and Seminar 2019

26 Mar 2019

The 29th Annual General Meeting was successfully held at the Langham, Hong Kong. Thank you for members’ support, we wish to see them next year!

SIPA and TIC Seminar – NewGen ISS

24 Jan 2019

The seminar on NewGen ISS was successfully held on 24 January. It was a full house again. Many of participants expressed their interests and raised enquiries actively and Yvonne who is the speaker from IATA explained the details to them.

High Speed Rail Fam Tour

19 Oct 2018

SIPA joined the High Speed Rail Familiarization Trip which was held by TIC, it only takes nineteen minutes to arrive Shenzhen North Station. The members enjoyed the rail trip and they understand more about the High Speed Rail.

SIPA and TIC Seminar – New Distribution Capability

18 Oct 2018

SIPA and TIC have held the Seminar of New Distribution Capability jointly. The six speakers who are from IATA, Amadeus, Worldspan, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific have given the informative updates of NDC to the audience. Meanwhile, Mr. Tasman Tam who is a barrister told the audience about the legal issues of NDC.

SIPA Fam Tour – Osaka

16-20 Apr 2018

The 5 days SIPA Fam Tour in Osaka have been successfully completed. There are around 40 members participated. We visited the attractions of Kyoto, Wakayama, Nara and Osaka. The participants enjoyed this memorable trip.

SIPA AGM & Seminar 2018

26 Mar 2018

28th Annual General Meeting and Seminar was held at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. The Executive Committees presented their reports to SIPA members. After the meeting, Mr. Larry Lo, Mr. Sunil Nanda & Mr. Tommy Tam hosted a seminar to members, to provide the latest industry news and future trends.


11 Jan 2018

This seminar is jointly organized by Travelport, to introduce a easy way at lower cost to comply PCI DSS.

SIPA Appreciation Dinner

11 Dec 2017

SIPA organised an appreciation dinner for members at Hong Kong Jockey Club (Happy Valley Club House). We had a great night with members.


19 Oct 2017

The purpose of seminar were overviewing PCI DSS Compliance Progress, reconstructing working progress to fulfill PCI DSS and enhancing equipment to fulfill PCI DSS, etc. It gave many informative messages to members.

SIPA Seminar – How to deal with ADM

21 Sept 2017

The seminar was talking about the ADM Policy. The chairman fully explained the policy to the members. It gave the valuable and useful information to the participants.

SIPA – SkyPier Fam Tour

29 Jun 2017

The fam tour to SkyPier was successfully held in Jun 2017. The members knew the latest development of transport facilities in HKIA, and strengthen the understanding of the multimodal service for travelers.


24 Apr 2017

The seminar introduced the PCI DSS and explained the meaning of PCI DSS Compliance for agent. It provided the specific knowledge of PCI DSS for members.

SIPA Seminar – How to do Business Online

6 Apr 2017

The Seminar brought together practitioners interested in e-commerce and online marketing, in which explored the long-term evolution and development of travel trend, provided practical methods to launch an e-commerce platform startup step-by-step, and shared experience to cooperate the e-commerce with effective marketing strategy.

SIPA AGM & Seminar 2017

23 Feb 2017

2017 Annual General Meeting and Seminar was held at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. The Executive Committees presented their reports and introduced the future plan to SIPA members.


16 Mar 2016

The 26th Annual General Meeting of SIPA was held at Royal Garden Hotel. The broad members shared the updated news of SIPA. In the meantime, they introduced the future plan of SIPA.

Tsz Shan Monastery & Bruce Lee thematic gallery one day tour

21 Oct 2015

Leading by Tsz Shan Monastery volunteer, 40 members understand about the architectural idea and solemn concept of Chinese Buddhist monasteries. Moreover, all of members enjoyed a seafood lunch at the Star Palace and visited the Bruce Lee thematic gallery at Hong Kong Heritage Museum, they had a happy holiday.

2015 Fam Tour – Beijing

17-20 Sept 2015

SIPA has organised a Beijing 4 days familiarization tour with thirty members, By supporting from Beijing tourism, the members visited various historic heritage and enjoy the Kung Fu Show in Red Theater. Moreover, our ex-committee have visited IATA Beijing office and expressed the concern from our members. The members have received a fruitful trip in Beijing.