NewGen ISS

In November 2017, the Passenger Agency Conference adopted Resolution 812. This Resolution became effective 1st March 2018, and enables the implementation of NewGen ISS in a BSP. All BSP countries will progressively be migrated from the current Resolution 818g to the new Resolution 812.

Please be advised that effective from 1st May 2019, BSP Hong Kong will be migrated to the NewGen ISS Agency Rules under Resolution 812. Macau will have a different implementation timeline and will communicate when confirmed. The new LFC for Hong Kong together with the sunset of ITF will be implemented together with NewGen ISS.

The NewGen ISS program is intended to create more flexible, secure and customer centric BSP for both travel agents and airlines. NewGen ISS is comprised of the following key pillars:

  • New Agency Accreditation models (GoLite, GoStandard and GoGlobal);
  • An enhanced risk management framework, including the Remittance Holding Capacity (RHC), a maximum threshold for Agent’s outstanding BSP Cash sales;
  • IATA EasyPay, a new and optional e-wallet solution for payment of tickets through the BSP.

In addition, as part of NewGen ISS, a voluntary new form of Financial Security will be available for Agents called Global Default Insurance (GDI). The roll-out of Global Default Insurance follows a distinct calendar from Resolution 812, and is already available in the market.

With the implementation NewGen ISS Resolution 812 from 1st May 2019:

  • All Agents will be transitioned to the GoStandard Accreditation with the ability to convert to the GoLite Accreditation. No action is required.
  • All Agents will be assigned their individual Remittance Holding Capacity, Risk Status and any applicable Financial Security requirements under Resolution 812. These conditions will be notified to Agents 30 days in advance of the introduction of the new Resolution 812.
  • Subject to airlines’ acceptance of IATA EasyPay, all Agents will be able to issue transactions using IATA EasyPay, the new e-wallet solution.

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In addition, we strongly recommend that you download Resolution 812, and familiarize yourself with the new rules coming into effect in BSP Hong Kong on 1st May 2019. Resolution 812 can be downloaded here: