Transparency in Payments (TIP)

In November 2017, the Passenger Agency Conference (PAConf) adopted a set of resolutions, which will enable the implementation of Transparency in Payments (TIP).

TIP is an industry initiative focused on providing Airlines with increased transparency and control in the collection of payments for their sales through the agency channel. At the same time, it will enable Agents to take advantage of new forms of payment (Alternative Transfer Methods) for the remittance of customer funds through the BSP.

Please be advised that Resolution 896 will become effective in BSP Hong Kong & Macao on 01 February 2019. Consequently:

  • Providers of Alternative Transfer Methods (ATMs) will be able to enlist with IATA and enroll their products;
  • IATA Accredited Agents will be able to enroll their Agent Own Card
  • Participating Airlines will be able to define in BSPlink their consent policy to the ATM Products and Agent Own Cards enrolled with IATA;
  • IATA Accredited Agents will be able to consult in BSPlink the list of enrolled ATMs and Agent Own Cards for which an Airline provided its consent.

You may consult the text of the referred Resolutions in the Travel Agent Handbook:

  • Resolution 896 ‘Alternative Transfer Method Providers & Alternative Transfer Methods [Transparency in Payments Transition]’
  • Resolution 890 ‘Customer Card Sales Rules’, and
  • Resolution 812a ‘Alternative Transfer Method Providers & Alternative Transfer Methods Rules’
  • Resolution 812 ‘Passenger Sales Agency Rules’

You can also find useful information about TIP in the BSP Manual for agents.

The BSP Manual is a valuable reference for agents where information on the BSP, applicable procedures and changes coming with NewGen ISS and TIP are explained.

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